Being a host shouldn’t be a full-time job

Save up to 80% of the time you spend messaging guests, updating availability or chasing reviews.

All that (and much more) in one affordable platform.

    No commitment, no credit card.

    Made for hosts – by host

    We created Host Tools because our “host life” was leaving us no time to enjoy our “real life”






    From 1 to 100+ listings per user

    Easy enough for hosts with only a few properties but powerful enough for hosts with 100+ properties.

    Ease of use and human support

    Automate your messages, prices (and more) within minutes. Our founder Tom will be there to help if you get stuck or need a tour.

    1,500+ hosts, 11,000+ listings

    We’re growing and improving the tool every month, and we let our hosts decide which features we should prioritize.

    No credit card, no commitment.

    Host Tools is feature rich, but easy to use

    Monthly or annual plans for access to...

    Automated messaging

    Host Tools allows you to pick from tons of templates and schedule messages for countless scenarios such as check-in, check-out or asking for a review.

    • It’s a fully-customizable set-and-forget feature that gets your messages sent on time.

    • We pride ourselves on delivering the right messages to the right people at the right time.

    Syncing multiple listings, calendars, and rental platforms

    Once you add your listings to Host Tools, it’ll become your STR management hub.

    • No more double bookings or manually changing availability when a guest books or cancels last-minute.

    • Host Tools updates your rental platforms so that you don’t have to constantly check your calendar and keep multiple browser tabs open.

    Intelligent pricing optimization

    Host Tools will keep adjusting your prices across all channels based on the rules you set or the pricing software you use.

    • Copy prices from one channel to all your other channels.

    • Customize your prices for weekends, holidays, etc.

    • Automatically lower your prices in “dry seasons”.

    Cleaners management, smart lock integration, and more

    We’re constantly improving Host Tools and introducing new features to make your life easier. You might not need all of them (yet), but that’s ok. They will be here when you need them.

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    Save time by automating all of your guest and cleaner communication. Use the slider to choose your number of listings.

    $28/ mo

    $336 Billed Yearly

    • Multi-channel (Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway & Houfy)
    • Automate messages to guests
    • Automate SMS or email messages
    • Automated reviews
    • Automated pre-approvals
    • Unified inbox


    For hosts with this many listings, your subscription will include all the automation tools you need plus additional onboarding help and support.



    Contact us for a custom quote

    Contact us for a custom quote

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