Our lives become more automated by tech every year. The travel industry is no exception. You may have already automated your check-in process or communications with guests. But the short term rental smart home tech doesn’t stop there. Smart tech tools add an element of luxury to your listing that entices guests and ups your potential income. This blog post lists the  short term rental smart home tech you’ll want to both make your life as a host easier and to make your property stand out from other listings.

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Short-term Rental Smart Home Tech 

Digital house manual

Creating a digital house manual is a great way to introduce guests both to the space and the local area. A house manual can be accessed by a QR code, and include information such as Wifi passwords, where to park, how to use appliances, dining tips, and other local highlights. 

Noise monitors

In August 2020 Airbnb introduced a strict global party ban. Hosts found in violation of this ban may face suspension of their account. Installing noise monitors on your property will give you the ability to remotely keep track of the amount of people on your property based on noise levels. You are able to set a noise level that when reached automatically alerts you. 

Parrot Flower Power

Parrot Flower Power is a sensor that can be placed in your decorative flower pots (or other plants) to track its health. The sensor will alert you when the plant needs more sun, water, fertilizer, or has reached an inhospitable temperature. 

Robot vacuum

Robotic vacuum

We suggest automating your Airbnb cleaning with a cleaning crew, but having a robotic vacuum around is both practical for your guests – and adds a “wow” factor. If you have long-term guests they may want to do some house cleaning themselves, and a robotic vacuum is a great solution for that. 

Security cameras

You can’t be at your property all of the time, and as your business grows the more you’ll need to manage it remotely. Investing in high-quality security cameras will protect you from lawsuits and liabilities. Plus, guests will feel a sense of security knowing their belongings are being watched over when visiting an unfamiliar area. 

Smart cabinet locks

Installing smart locks on cabinets or drawers are a great option to protect yourself from nosey guests. You can lock things that are accessible by code or even fingerprint. These are great options for liquor and medicine cabinets. 

Smart entry locks

Automated self check-in was already preferred by guests before the pandemic, but it has become a must-have for many guests.  The good news is, it will also save you valuable time. Utilizing smart locks to let your guests in will avoid hassles from last-minute scheduled changes and lost keys. Plus, you are able to automate your smart lock with Host Tools. Host Tools will create unique entry codes for each guest, make them live only during a guest’s stay, and will let your guest know how to check in. This provides both you and your visitors peace of mind when hosting a rotating door of travelers. 

Smart lights

Smart lights are both a jaw-dropping feature of your Airbnb and a way to protect it. Controlled by an app, you’re able to schedule lights on even when no one is staying in the home. Your guests will be impressed with your set-up, all while deterring unwelcome visitors when left unoccupied.

Smart thermostat

Smart thermostat

It can be difficult to monitor energy consumption. When you use a smart thermostat, hosts have the ability to set minimum and maximum temperatures to keep guests from overcranking air conditioning or heat. Some thermostats are high-tech enough that they can sense when the property is empty, and enter an energy saving mode. 

Smart TV

It’s industry standard to provide guests with at least one entertainment option, and smart TV’s make that easy. Purchase a Netflix or Hulu account for guests to use with the TV. With the rise of streaming services over channel surfing this is a particularly appreciated move for hosts.

Host answering smart doorbell for delivery man

Video doorbell 

The Ring Video Doorbell allows hosts to verify guest’s identities when checking-in. You can receive notifications to your mobile device, view the visitor, and communicate with them via a two-way intercom.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Nest can serve as your guests virtual concierge. A recent study showed that ⅕ Americans already own a smart speaker at home. Alexa for Hospitality  allows guests to control lights, receive check-out information, adjust temperature, and even order food. 

Water Hero

Water Hero is a tool that uses sensors to monitor flow information for the water pipes in your property. If the water exceeds a pre-set threshold, Water Hero will shut off the water and notify you via text and email. This tool will help prevent expensive water damage in your home. 

With every passing year, more and more incredible smart technology is being developed that will continue to improve the short-term rental industry. While this list will forever be growing, we suggest that you invest in these smart tech items to both impress your guests and simplify your short-term rental business:

  • Digital house manual

  • Noise monitors

  • Parrot Flower Power

  • Robotic vacuum

  • Security cameras

  • Smart cabinet locks

  • Smart entry locks

  • Smart lights

  • Smart thermostat

  • Smart TV

  • Video doorbell

  • Virtual assistant

Host Tools provides an automated, unified calendar for short-term rental hosts, allowing you to seamlessly list on all major channels. Start your free trial today! 

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