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If you're a short-term rental host, you may have wondered how best to cater to the new wave of digital nomads. If you're unfamiliar with the term, don't worry – you will be soon! Airbnb for digital nomads is a growing market, and there's an opportunity to make your rental an attractive option for these unique guests. Digital nomads work remotely and often travel from place to place. They are a growing population, and their needs are specific. In this blog post, we will discuss the needs of digital nomads and provide tips for hosts who want to attract them.

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Who are Digital Nomads?

Digital nomads work remotely, often while traveling from place to place. They usually use technology and the internet to connect with their clients and coworkers. This lifestyle allows them to explore new places, learn about foreign cultures, and even live in different countries for extended periods.

Since 2020, the digital workforce has increased dramatically. With movements such as "The Great Resignation" and many companies allowing their employees to work remotely, digital nomads are now a big business when it comes to short-term rentals. A report by Statista showed that there were 16.9 million digital nomads in the US as of July 2022, compared to 7.3 million in 2019. As a result, short-term rental hosts should consider catering specifically to digital nomads

airbnb for digital nomads

What are the Benefits of Hosting an Airbnb for Digital Nomads?

Hosting an Airbnb for digital nomads can be a great way to attract new guests and increase your potential income. Digital nomads often look for long-term stays to work, study, or explore the area. As such, they are willing to pay more for longer-term bookings than short-term travelers.

In addition to the potential for higher income, digital nomads can bring more stability and predictability to your short-term rental business. Long-term guests tend to be quieter and less disruptive than short-term tourists who are just passing through for a few days. This can help create a pleasant atmosphere in your rental that is attractive to other long-term guests.

Finally, rentals catering to digital nomads often have a better online reputation. Digital nomads typically review their stay in detail and are vocal on social media about their experiences. If you provide them with an exceptional stay, they'll make sure everyone knows about it!

What Do Digital Nomads Need?

To provide an Airbnb that is attractive to digital nomads, hosts should consider the following amenities:

High-speed internet

Digital nomads rely on a strong and reliable internet connection to work or study. Short-term rental hosts must ensure their properties are equipped with a fast and secure connection.

Spacious workspace

Digital nomads need space to set up their laptops and other equipment to stay productive. Hosts can provide desks, chairs, and even standing desks, depending on the size of their property.

Comfortable living quarters

Digital nomads may be spending long periods in one place, so they must have comfortable living quarters. This can include things like air conditioning, extra blankets and pillows, blackout curtains, and other amenities that make the space feel like home.

Quiet environment

Digital nomads need a quiet space in order to concentrate and work efficiently. Therefore, hosts should make sure their rentals are located in quieter areas away from busy streets or loud neighbors.


Digital nomads may be staying in one rental for longer and need somewhere to store their belongings. Hosts can provide storage lockers or other secure storage options for their guests.

Well-Stocked Kitchen

Since digital nomads will be making themselves at home for quite some time, hosts should provide their rentals with a fully-stocked kitchen, including cooking utensils, dishes, and essential ingredients for meals like salt and pepper. 

Welcome Book

Provide an even more thorough welcome book for digital nomads than you would short-term guests. This book can include activities like walking trails, yoga classes, or other information for someone "living" in your city rather than passing through.


It's not uncommon for digital nomads to bring a pet along with them on their travels. Therefore, hosts should consider being pet-friendly if they want to attract this type of guest.

These are just a few of the amenities that hosts should consider to make their rental an attractive option for digital nomads. By providing these features, your rental can become more appealing to the growing number of digital nomads looking for long-term stays. 

airbnb for digital nomads

Tips for Attracting Digital Nomads

When attracting digital nomads, hosts should ensure their properties are adequately listed and marketed. Here are some tips to help:

Create a digital nomad-friendly description

Make your property stand out by creating a detailed listing that mentions all the features and amenities you have available for digital nomads. Be sure to emphasize the high-speed internet connection, spacious workspace, comfortable living quarters, quiet environment, storage options, and pet-friendly policies.

Highlight proximity to essential services

Digital nomads often need access to specific amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, or parks in order to work or study efficiently. Therefore, make sure to mention any nearby attractions in your listing description so that your guests can plan their stay around them.

Highlight proximity to landmarks

Digital nomads often enjoy exploring a new city or town. Make sure to mention any nearby landmarks or points of interest in your rental description so that guests can plan their stay around these attractions.

Encourage long-term stays

Digital nomads are usually looking for properties that they can stay in for extended periods, so be sure to mention the discounts available for long-term stays. This can help attract digital nomads looking to settle in one place for a while.

Build relationships with guests

Hosts should make an effort to build relationships with their guests by offering recommendations and advice on local attractions or restaurants.

Provide extra amenities

Think about providing additional amenities such as yoga mats, air purifiers, or breakfast baskets to make your rental stand out. These small touches can go a long way in making a home attractive to digital nomads.

Maintain an active social media presence

Creating and maintaining an active social media presence is vital for hosts looking to attract digital nomads. Share updates on specials, local attractions, and upcoming events to draw more attention to your property.

Short-term rental hosts looking to attract digital nomads should ensure their property is properly marketed and equipped with amenities that appeal to this group of travelers. By providing features such as high-speed internet connection, storage options, pet-friendly policies, proximity to essential services and landmarks, long-term stays discounts, relationship-building opportunities, and extra amenities, properties can become more attractive to digital nomads. With these steps in mind, hosts can make their property an enticing destination for digital nomads and increase their income potential!

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