You’ve secured a beautiful property with a great location. Now what? Time to fill that short-term rental with furniture! Shopping for Airbnb furniture doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

This post will guide you through what furniture you need, what qualities to look for in your pieces, and where you can find affordable yet stylish designs.

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What Airbnb Furniture Do You Need?

When furnishing your short-term rental you will need to carefully craft a balance of the essentials and stylish decor. When purchasing the below essentials, look for pieces that are comfortable, durable, and all follow a similar aesthetic.   

Bedroom Furniture & Amenities

Alarm clock: As workcations become popular, your guests will need to maintain their schedule with a morning alarm.

Bedframe: You don’t want your guests sleeping on the ground! Include a safe and stable bedframe and headboard. 

Bedside Tables: Provide your guest with a bedside table that includes an alarm clock, charging space, and lamp.

Chest of drawers/Clothing storage: With long-term stays becoming increasingly popular, you want to provide storage options for guests to truly unpack and get comfortable. This can include a chest, clothing racks, dresser, etc. 

Decor: Create a welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom by including thoughtful decor such as artwork, throw rugs, stylized curtains, etc. 

Full-length mirrors: It’s helpful to provide larger mirrors in your property. Guests heading to a business meeting or important event will appreciate the ability to check out their suit or new dress.

Lamps: Include additional lighting in the bedroom for late-night reading, working, or simply getting ready for bed. 

Mattress: A quality mattress is an essential part of every Airbnb. We use this mattress in all of our properties and suggest them for its comfort and affordability.

Seating: If space allows, consider a lazy boy or loveseat.

Workspace: A small desk and chair in the bedroom is an appreciated addition to the bedroom. 

Kitchen Furniture & Amenities

Bistro Table & Seating: Create a breakfast nook, or seating along the counters for guests to enjoy their coffee. Be sure to include a coffee maker!

Decor: Artwork or other knick-knacks to spice up your kitchen. 

Living Room Furniture & Amenities

Decor:  Find pieces that complement the atmosphere and mood you’re trying to create in the living room. Consider cushions, vases, and other inviting pieces.

Lamps: Ample lighting is important in every room the guest has access to. Even if a room has overhead lighting, providing additional lamps can be useful for guests working or as an attractive aesthetic for guests looking to get cozy with a book and soft lighting. 

Lounge Chairs: Living room chairs should be big and comfortable. This is where your guests will spend a lot of their time. Use chairs to complement the sofa. 

Rugs: Throw rugs can provide both comfort and aesthetics to the living room. 

Sofa: Your living room must allow for as much seating as the maximum guests your property holds. Consider a sectional sofa over one with a chase so guests can maximize space and use it as additional seating. We suggest finding a quality pull-out sofa so that you can increase the number of guests your Airbnb can comfortably sleep.

TV: Like a hotel, guests have come to expect entertainment options in their lodging. We recommend mounting the tv to a wall rather than an adjustable stand. This will both save space and discourage guests from moving the tv and causing damage. Additionally, smart TVs are favored by guests.

Tables: Depending on the size of your Airbnb, you’ll want to include coffee tables, desks, and/or dining tables. Consider adjustable coffee tables that can be lifted and turned into a workspace. Think about the audience you are marketing your Airbnb to and furnish accordingly. If you are looking to attract business travelers, highlight your workspace pieces, or dining areas for family gatherings, cribs for families with children, etc.  Circular tables tend to be more space-efficient options than rectangular tables. 

Pink bedding on king-size bed near workspace with laptop on desk in bright bedroom with plant and poster

What Qualities to Look for in Airbnb Furniture & Amenities

Aesthetic: An Airbnb should be stylish, but not too personally unique. Your personal style may not be universally appealing. Seek out pieces that are classic. Consider searching the highest rating B&Bs in your area and look at their designs for inspiration. 

Ease of cleaning: Your property has a rotating door for all types of guests. Some will be neat freaks and others are lucky if they don’t spill their drink once a week. When purchasing furniture you need to think about how easily and quickly your cleaning crew can clean the item for the next guest. Sofas, for example, are better when they’re black leather. Or consider attractive covers that can be easily tossed in the wash.

Lightweight: Choose furniture that is easily moveable. You may want to rearrange the space every so often for listing photographs, or your guest may need to move the coffee table for the pull-out sofa bed. Lightweight furniture is a safe and convenient option for Airbnb furniture.

Photogenic: Your Airbnb photos are a vital element of your listing. Guests are attracted to listings with strong photos. Choose pieces that will look exceptional in photography

Utility: Consider what guests you are trying to attract. If it’s business travelers, you’ll want ample workspace. Travel nurses may be looking for a full kitchen or black-out curtains. 

Safety: Invest in dependable furniture, and ensure that it is installed correctly. The last thing you want is a chair collapsing under a guest!

Value: You don’t want to break the bank when furnishing your property. You want quality pieces, but you don’t need to buy a $1,000 designer couch. In the next section, we will cover how you can get that expensive look without the cost.

Customer woman buying new furniture - sofa or couch in a store supermarket mall store

Where to Buy Airbnb Furniture

Airbnb hosts need to consider the value a piece of furniture provides to your property vs. the cost. There is no need to run your wallet dry on pieces, but you want your property to be a step above the rest. Extra style touches go a long way in attracting guests to gain Superhost status

  • Craigslist
  • Estate Sales
  • Facebook Marketplace
    • Buying used is a great option for Airbnb furniture. You can get higher quality items at a deep discount, and as an added bonus items will likely be available for pick-up immediately rather than waiting weeks for a store to ship them.
  • IKEA
    • Mix used high-end pieces with some carefully chosen IKEA pieces. We don’t suggest furnishing your entire property with IKEA.

Airbnb furniture can be stylish and affordable. We know with just a few investments you will have a comfortable and beautiful interior that your guests will love. When purchasing your furniture and essentials remember to keep the following qualities in mind:

  • Aesthetic
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Photogenic
  • Utility
  • Safety
  • Value

Utilize used furniture sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, or stop by estate sales or IKEA. Have fun designing with furniture for your Airbnb and we know your guests will love it!

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