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Whether you are a first-time host or a seasoned veteran in the world of hosting on Airbnb, it is important to understand your customer service options. This comprehensive guide to Airbnb customer service support will provide all the necessary information you need to contact the Airbnb help team and get the help you need in 2023.

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How to Get Airbnb Help by Phone

Sometimes it is not possible to get the help you need through Airbnb's customer service website or mobile app. In these cases, you may need to reach out to Airbnb directly by phone.

When calling Airbnb Customer Service, be sure to have your property details handy, so you can provide them to the customer service representative. Additionally, it's a good idea to prepare your questions or concerns in advance so that the call can be as efficient and effective as possible.

Tips for talking on the phone with an Airbnb customer service representative

Before calling, check with your carrier for long-distance rates to be aware of any extra charges incurred. Take notes during the call, as you may need to speak with a different representative on a subsequent call. If your country still needs its own customer service number, we recommend calling the nearest one available.

Finally, ensure that you are talking in a calm and measured manner so that the customer service representative can effectively assist you. By following these steps, you can ensure that your phone call with Airbnb's customer service is successful and efficient.

A comprehensive list of Airbnb help telephone lines:

  • United States of America: 1-855-424-7262 [Note: For properties in San Francisco, we suggest this line: 1-415-800-5959] 

  • Australia +61 2 8520 3333

  • Brazil +55 21 3958-5800

  • Canada +1-855-424-7262

  • China +86 10 5904 5310 OR 400 890 0309 (shared-cost)

  • France +33 (0) 1 84 88 40 00

  • Germany +49 30 30 80 83 80 OR +49(0)40 609 464 444

  • Ireland +353 1 697 1831

  • South Korea +82 2 6022 2499 OR +82 808 220 230 (toll-free)

  • Spain +34 91 123 45 67

  • UK +44 203 318 1111

Notes: Issues that cannot be solved by phone

Unfortunately, not all issues can be resolved by phone. For instance, if you need to upload documents to complete a claim or receive funds, your customer service representative will not be able to help. In these cases, it is best to access the website or mobile app for assistance.

Additionally, some issues may require that Airbnb's Customer Service reach out to other teams to resolve them fully. Therefore, whenever possible, have your full contact information available so that they can contact you if needed.

Airbnb help

How to Get Airbnb Help by Email

In addition to phone support, Airbnb also offers customer service via email. Some people prefer communicating with customer service through emails because they don't have to pay a fee and they can take their time in providing all the relevant information. Plus, some of us just don't like talking on the phone:

You can reach out to the company at any of the three addresses mentioned below:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

To ensure that your email is seen and responded to quickly, it's essential to provide all the relevant information in the initial email. This includes an explanation of the issue you are having and a detailed description of the steps you have taken so far.

In addition, make sure to include your contact information in the email. If you are still waiting for a response within 72 hours, consider contacting Airbnb again via phone.

How to Get Airbnb Help via Social Media

It's no secret that customers across industries have taken to lamenting their woes on social media. It's not just to vent their frustrations but also in the hopes of getting some assistance. Airbnb has recognized this trend and created social media accounts with which customers can reach out to them for help.

You can contact Airbnb by using any of the following social media channels:

Twitter: or @Airbnbhelp.



Be sure to send them a direct message rather than posting publicly so that the right people see your inquiry.

Finding Support in Hosting Forums

Fortunately, your issue may not require direct correspondence with an Airbnb help agent. Instead, consider searching Airbnb's help forum to see if someone has already asked the same question. Two popular hosting forms are Airbnb Community Center and Airhosts Forum.

These platforms are used by Airbnb hosts to exchange tips, and advice and connect with other Airbnb users. If your issue is not answered in Airbnb's help forums, consider asking the Airbnb community for guidance.

Airbnb provides a variety of ways to get help with your Airbnb-related issues. Airbnb offers phone support, email, and social media support for general issues, as well as Airbnb hosting forums to connect with other Airbnb users. To minimize your problems with rentals, we suggest automating your hosting duties with Host Tools to make hosting a breeze!

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