Airbnb split stays

If you're struggling to increase bookings, Airbnb Split Stays could be the solution you've been looking for. Airbnb Split Stays are an innovative way to maximize guest satisfaction and host profitability when it comes to short-term rentals. 

With this element of the 2022 Airbnb update, hosts can offer guests a unique experience that allows them to explore more destinations, neighborhoods, and experiences during one stay. This blog post will provide an overview of what Airbnb Split Stays are and the benefits they offer both hosts and guests.

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Airbnb split stays

What Exactly are Airbnb Split Stays?

Airbnb Split Stays is an innovative feature that allows travelers to enjoy a 14-day or longer trip and book multiple Airbnbs. This feature is available in search results and categories, making it easy for guests to find the perfect places to stay. Airbnb Split Stays aims to match the increased demand for longer trips led by remote workers and digital nomads.

How Does Split Stays Affect Hosts?

Introducing Split Stays has provided hosts with more marketing opportunities and the increased possibility of long-term bookings. When guests are searching for Split Stays, the algorithm shows multiple property combinations. As a result, hosts have an opportunity to get their rental in front of up to 40% more browsing eyes. This increased visibility means more views, inquiries, and bookings for hosts.

Let's take a look at this in action. Let's say you own a rental categorized as a cabin, but it falls just outside the specific destination the guest is searching for. If a guest is searching for a cabin in Split Stays, but it falls just out of reach of their destination, your rental may get paired up with another accommodation that isn't a cabin but is part of the desired destination. As a result, your property can appear in search results and have more visibility.

Another way Split Stays affects hosts is when properties are available for only part of the imputed dates. Previously, these would have been excluded from the search results. Now, if a traveler selects the "Search with Split Stays" option, properties available for part of the stay will appear in the results.

Airbnb split stays

How Does Airbnb Split Stays Work for Guests?

Airbnb Split Stays are easy to use for guests. When they search for a stay of 14 days or longer, available Split Stays will automatically appear in the results. They will be able to see where both listings are located and know which stay is their first. The checkout date for the first stay will be the same as the check-in date for their second stay.

Guests can also customize their search criteria with Airbnb's flexible filters (e.g., price range, number of beds/guests, amenities). The algorithm will also suggest alternative options if the original search criteria are not available.

While the reservations are booked at the same time, the listings are still run by different hosts. As a result, there are different cancellation policies, house rules to adhere to, and separate reviews to give.

Airbnb Split Stays provides travelers with a greater variety of listings to choose from and more flexibility in their trip planning. It's a win-win situation for both hosts and guests.

Airbnb Split Stays is a great way for travelers to explore different neighborhoods and destinations during one stay. Hosts can take advantage of increased marketing opportunities and the increased possibility of long-term bookings. In addition, guests benefit from more variety in their search results, flexible filters, and suggestions if the original search criteria aren't available. With Airbnb Split Stays, hosts and travelers can have the best of both worlds and make the most of the short-term rental experience.

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