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Giving the gift of travel is one of the most meaningful ways to show someone you care. With Airbnb gift cards, folks can make it easy for a loved one or friend to book a staycation or a dream vacation. But have you ever wondered how a host is affected when guests buy Airbnb gift cards?

This blog post will explore how buying Airbnb gift cards affects short-term rental hosts. Let's get into it!

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What are Airbnb Gift Cards?

When a guest buys Airbnb gift cards, they can be either a digital or physical voucher that can be used as a form of payment for stays and experiences booked through the Airbnb platform. 

They make for a thoughtful and versatile gift option, allowing recipients to choose from a wide range of accommodations and experiences worldwide.

Gift cards can be purchased on Airbnb's website or through authorized retailers like Target, Whole Foods, or Lowes. Recipients can redeem these gift cards by applying the unique code during checkout when booking.

buy Airbnb gift cards

Impact of Airbnb Gift Cards on Hosts

When guests use Airbnb gift cards, hosts can enjoy several benefits that contribute to their overall success on the platform:

Increased bookings and revenue: Guests who have hesitated to switch from hotels to short-term rentals and receive gift cards are more likely to book stays or experiences through Airbnb, as they have prepaid funds to spend.

When these first-time users choose your property for their stay, you expand your customer base, potentially leading to repeat bookings and referrals.

Enhanced reputation: When guests give Airbnb gift cards to their friends and family, it signifies their trust in the platform and its hosts. This positive sentiment can contribute to a better overall reputation for Airbnb hosts in general.

Last-minute bookings: Guests with gift cards may be more inclined to book spontaneous trips or experiences since they already have funds available. This can help hosts fill last-minute vacancies and optimize their occupancy rates.

Encouraging longer stays: Guests using gift cards may be more likely to book longer stays or add extra experiences to their trip, as they have more money to spend. This can result in higher earnings for hosts.

Reduced cancellations: Guests who have received gift cards as a present might be less likely to cancel their bookings, as they don't want to waste the thoughtful gift. This can lead to fewer cancellations and more stable income for hosts.

Airbnb gift cards can be used for incidentals: Airbnb gift cards can be used to pay for incidentals like any additional cleaning services during a stay. This feature helps guests budget their expenses more effectively while still allowing hosts to provide top-notch services.

buy Airbnb gift cards

Potential drawbacks when guests buy Airbnb gift cards

While there are several benefits for hosts when guests use Airbnb gift cards, there can be some potential drawbacks as well:

Cancellations and refunds: In cases where guests cancel their bookings made with gift cards, managing refunds might be more complicated. 

Since gift cards are non-refundable, guests will receive the refunded amount as Airbnb travel credit instead of a direct refund to their original payment method. This could lead to potential misunderstandings or dissatisfaction among guests.

Limited usage: Those looking to buy Airbnb gift cards can only purchase them in the following countries:

  • Australia

  • Austria

  • Belgium

  • Brazil*

  • Canada

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Mexico*

  • Netherlands

  • New Zealand

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

However, once purchased, they can be redeemed for stays in any country.

Increased guest expectations: Guests who receive gift cards as gifts may have higher expectations for their stay, as they perceive it to be a special occasion. Hosts may need to put in extra effort to meet or exceed these heightened expectations to ensure a positive experience.

While there are certainly potential drawbacks when guests buy Airbnb gift cards, the benefits often outweigh them. Hosts can enjoy increased bookings and revenue, attract new guests to their property, enhance their reputation, and encourage longer stays. Gift cards also enable hosts to provide top-notch services such as additional cleanings. All these factors contribute to a better short-term rental guest experience.

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