renting to travel nurses

In recent years, there has been a noticeable uptick in the number of travel nurses seeking short-term rentals. These medical professionals travel from one location to another, filling temporary gaps in hospitals and clinics.

For hosts and property owners, this growing trend represents an excellent opportunity. But how do you cater to this unique rental market? This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about renting your short-term rental to travel nurses.

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The Benefits of Renting to Travel Healthcare Professionals

Travel nurses are an excellent demographic for hosts. Here’s why:

  • Consistent Demand: Travel nurses are always on the move, creating a steady demand for travel nurse rentals.
  • Reliable Rental Income: Given their professional responsibilities, travel nurses tend to be punctual and reliable when it comes to payments.
  • Long-term Rentals: Travel nurse assignments typically last from 8 to 13 weeks, ensuring longer booking periods compared to typical tourists.
  • Low Maintenance Guests: Travel nurses often work long hours, meaning they spend less time on the property, which generally results in less wear and tear.

How to Market Your Rental Property to Attract Travel Nurses

To tap into the travel nurse market, you’ll need to adjust your marketing strategy:

  • List on Specialized Platforms: Apart from Airbnb, consider listing your property on platforms like Furnished Finder, which caters specifically to traveling nurses. Many travel nursing companies will browse these sites to help travel nurses know what types of accommodations are available ahead of time.
  • Highlight Key Amenities: Your property listing should emphasize amenities that appeal to travel nurses, such as proximity to hospitals, high-speed internet, and laundry facilities.
  • Professional Photos: Invest in high-quality photos to make your listing stand out. A well-photographed space can significantly increase your booking rate.
  • Pet-friendly: Many nurses and other traveling healthcare professionals bring their furry friends along, so consider making your rental property a pet-friendly unit.

Setting Up Your Space to Cater to Travel Nurse Needs

Travel nurses have specific needs that you should consider:

  • Comfortable Workspace: Provide a quiet and comfortable area where they can complete paperwork or catch up on studies.
  • Functional Kitchen: A well-equipped kitchen allows travel nurses to prepare meals, saving them money and allowing them to maintain a healthier lifestyle.
  • Laundry Facilities: Having an in-unit washer and dryer is a huge plus for travel nurses who may not have time to visit laundromats.
  • Safety and Security: Ensure your property is located in a safe area and has secure locks, and possibly even outdoor security cameras.

Building a Positive Relationship with Travel Nurse Tenants

A good relationship with your short-term tenants can lead to positive reviews and repeat bookings:

  • Clear Communication: Be prompt and clear in your communication. Answer any questions they might have about the property or the area.
  • Welcome Package: Consider providing a small welcome package that includes essentials like toiletries, snacks, and a guide to local amenities.
  • Ongoing Support: Make yourself available for any issues or concerns that might arise during their stay.

Considerations for Travel Nurse Housing

Pricing your rental correctly is key to attracting travel nurses while maintaining profitability:

  • Competitive Rates: Research what similar rental properties in your area are charging and price your rental competitively.
  • Discounts for Longer Stays: Offer discounts for extended stays to encourage longer bookings.

Key Takeaways

Renting to travel nurses can be a lucrative and rewarding experience for hosts. By understanding their unique needs and preferences, you can create a welcoming environment that ensures high occupancy and positive reviews.

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