Airbnb signs

As a short-term rental host, it's important to have a set of signs that help guests navigate your property. Not only does this make your guests feel more comfortable and relaxed, but it also helps keep your rental safe and clean. While you should include the same information in a digital house manual, an informative sign can be an aesthetic design choice. In this blog post, we will discuss the most essential Airbnb signs you need to have in order to provide a smooth experience for your guests!

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10 Best Ideas for Your Airbnb Signs


A welcome sign with your wifi information is one of the most important signs you can have in your rental. Not only does it let guests know they're in the right place, but it also gives them an easy way to connect to your wifi so they can get their vacation started immediately. You can easily provide wifi connection info by including a simple QR code.

Airbnb signs

How-To Use Towels

You've invested a lot into your luxurious towels, and it's important to remind guests how to use them properly. Place a sign with simple instructions on proper towel usage, like how to remove their make-up without causing any stains that will be hard to get out later. Providing separate towels for make-up removal or disposable packets is always a good idea.

Local Adventures

It's more than likely that your guests are looking for unique and local things to do in the area, whether they're staying for an entire month or a quick weekend. Airbnb signs can include popular attractions and restaurants in the area or even your own favorite spots to recommend.

No Smoking

This one should go without saying, but Airbnb signs that remind guests not to smoke inside your short-term rental can be helpful. Not only will this help you keep your property clean and fresh for future guests, but it is also a requirement for Airbnb hosts in order to comply with laws and regulations.

Social Media Sign

Be sure to let guests know that they can follow your page on social media, and encourage them to engage by using a hashtag or tagging you in any posts.

Pool Rules

Suppose you have a pool; it's important to remind guests of the rules and regulations associated with its use. Signs are a great way to make sure your guests are aware of what they can and cannot do while using your pool or outdoor area.

Kitchen Tips

Do you have a fancy coffee pot that not everyone may be familiar with? Signs that walk guests through how to use kitchen appliances can be helpful in avoiding any confusion or frustration.

Eco-Friendly Sign

Let your guests know what you're doing to reduce your environmental impact. Airbnb signs that point out what eco-friendly initiatives you have in place, like reusable or recycled materials or ways to reduce energy usage, can go a long way in making guests feel good about their stay. Plus, it's an opportunity to gently remind them to recycle or turn off the lights when they leave.

Bathroom Sign

Remind your guests about the proper use of your bathroom, including only flushing toilet paper and not throwing any other products that could create expensive clogs requiring a plumber. Airbnb signs detailing this information can help prevent any costly repairs down the road.

Check-Out Sign

Provide instructions on what your guests need to do before they check out, such as making sure all lights and appliances are turned off, and bedding is put away. You can also include checkout times and any other important information that you want them to know.

In conclusion, signs are essential for providing a smooth guest experience and making sure all your guests are on the same page. From wifi information to local attractions and bathroom rules, these signs can help keep your short-term rental running smoothly while ensuring that your guests feel comfortable during their stay. With these ten ideas, you'll be well on your way to creating Airbnb signs that are both informative and useful.

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