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There’s nothing better than a warm shower and a great night’s sleep to inspire that five-star host rating!  

You’ve gone through your Airbnb checklist, and you’re ready to tackle your guests bedroom and bathroom experience. An imperative element of hosting a rental property is finding the most comfortable sheets and towels for your Airbnb. This blog post serves as your guide to providing the best sheets for Airbnb, the perfect towels for your guests, and how to maintain both to ensure your Airbnb receives that coveted five-star review. 

In this post we’ll cover:

  • How to choose the right Airbnb bedding and towels
  • Rules of thumb for maintaining your Airbnb sheets and towels
  • Our recommendations for Airbnb sheets and towels

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Best Airbnb Sheets & Towels

Best Airbnb Sheets

A host shouldn’t throw just any sheets into their Airbnb. A host needs to familiarize themself with the basics of Airbnb sheets.

Flat sheets vs. fitted sheets:

Flat sheets and fitted sheets are largely dependent on host preference. Both types have their benefits. A flat sheet is a time-tested style used by most hotels. Many hotels and rental properties use two layers of flat sheets and tuck the excess sheet under the bed. They are simple, easy, and the route many high-volume properties use.

Fitted sheets contain an elastic element that allows them to stay put on the mattress. However, it can often be difficult to find fitted sheets that match mattress sizes perfectly. Additionally, fitted sheets can take longer to remove and replace back onto the mattress. Due to the elastic, they may bunch more than a flat sheet while a guest sleeps.

Overall, when choosing between flat sheets and fitted sheets for Airbnb bedding, it is a matter of host preference. 

What are thread counts and why does it matter?

Luxury hotels boast their thread counts when advertising their stays – and an Airbnb host should too. 

The thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of the sheet. The standard thread count for home sheets is between 200-800. But as an Airbnb host, you’re providing more than a home – you’re providing an experience. A host doesn’t need to only purchase luxury 800 thread count sheets, but you’ll want to provide an experience more luxurious than the minimum 200 thread count. Remember: the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets. A general rule of thumb for providing five-star-worthy Airbnb bedding is a minimum of a 300 thread count on cotton sheets. While sheets are overwhelmingly cotton, there is room to explore a difference in materials for your sheets.

Additional types of fabric to consider for Airbnb sheets:

Microfiber: fade, stain, and wrinkle-resistant, hypoallergenic. Microfiber sheets are created using advanced technologies that allow them to be woven exceptionally tight. This allows for easy stain removal, quick-dry, and strength. Microfiber is our pick for the budget-conscious best sheets for Airbnb!

Egyptian Cotton: stronger and longer lifespan than regular cotton, higher thread count.

Bamboo: a renewable resource that stays cool (a plus for a foam mattress!). Looks and feels luxurious. Our pick for the best luxury Airbnb sheets are made from renewable bamboo! 

Linen: generally a rougher texture – but some folks love them!

When you invest in a higher thread count – let renters know! Include your luxurious sheets or 600-thread Egyptian Cotton sheets in the description. A weary traveler would be hard-pressed to pass a bed like that up. 

View our favorites for the best sheets for Airbnb. These sheets have great user reviews, feel comfortable, and are more affordable than many other options. They are our top pick for the best sheets for Airbnb. If you have a luxury listing, you will need to make sure that you invest in luxury sheets. Our pick for best luxury sheets for Airbnb are made to last and never pill!

Best Airbnb Towels

Towles can go a long way when a guest is deciding between that 4 and 5-star rating. For many guests taking a shower and using towels is both the first and last thing they do at an Airbnb, and a host wants their guest to remember bright, clean, high-quality towels when leaving their review.

A host should provide bath and hand towels, make-up removal towel options, kitchen towels, and beach towels if the property has a pool or is near a beach. Providing multiple selections of towels will help you replace hand and bath towels less often. If you only provide bath and hand towels, guests will use them for everything. Trust us, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick smears do not come out easily. Let alone a spill in the kitchen! Save yourself time and money by providing a variety of towels for different uses.

When choosing towels, a host should consider feel (softness), absorbency, drying time, stain resistance, and durability. You also need to factor in price since these will be replaced often.  For beach and pool towels, a host mainly considers dry time and durability. 

Towels made from Turkish cotton are an industry favorite because of their extra long threads that provide extreme softness – even more so than Egyptian Cotton. 

View our favorites for the best towels for Airbnb:

Bath towels & Hand towels: We love these matching bath and hand towels because they’re extra soft, highly-rated, dry extremely fast, and are well-priced for hosts. 

Kitchen towels: A host will generally go through kitchen towels at the fastest rate, so a bulk option like these will last you a long time. They’re white for easy washing and match any kitchen decor. 

Makeup removal wipes: Always offer a makeup removal option. Makeup can be extremely difficult to remove from towels, so we suggest providing a few disposable wipes. The wipes linked here are a great option for all guests as they are allergy tested, fragrance-free and alcohol-free.

White towels and scented woods

Care for Airbnb Sheets & Towels

Caring for your Airbnb Sheets

You’ve found the perfect sheets for your Airbnb and now you have to learn how to care for the best Airbnb bedding and keep it as fresh as possible. Whether you’re doing the work yourself or you’ve hired a cleaning crew you want to make sure each guest arrives at a pristinely cleaned Airbnb from top to bottom. You can make this process easier by automating your cleaning process


First things first, you want your sheets to be white. By investing in white sheets you are able to bleach them with every wash. 

How many sets of Airbnb sheets should you have?

Hosts should always have 2-3 sheet sets per bed. Imagine you or your cleaning crew arrive to find badly stained sheets in the master bedroom, and the next guest is scheduled to arrive in just a few hours. Having an extra set of sheets on hand gives you and your crew time to spotlessly clean the apartment, focus on stain removal of the damaged sheets, and/or time to pick up new sheets before the next guest arrives. Aside from ensuring that your guest will find a clean room upon arrival, it will give you peace of mind that you do not need to rush to find the exact sheets you need at that moment. 

How often should you replace your Airbnb sheets?

Replacing sheets largely depends on your occupancy rate, but it is good practice to fully replace linens at least every 6-12 months. If your Airbnb is booked almost every day, you’ll need to replace your sheets more often and vice-versa. Of course, no damage to sheets is tolerated. That means if you find a rip or tear on the linens – it must be replaced immediately. No guest wants to see the wear and tear  where they are sleeping. 


When washing and drying sheets hair may still be stuck to them when they come out of the dryer. Invest in a lint roller and have your cleaning crew roll over the freshly made bed to pick up any straggling hairs. Nothing is worse than finding a hair in your Airbnb bed!

Caring for your Airbnb Towels


Towels should also be bright white. Guests like to see how clean their towels are and you can bleach them in every wash. Stained or damaged towel should never be put in your Airbnb

How many sets of towels should you have?

One guest does not equal just one towel. Provide each guest two complete sets of towels (shower and hand towels) for every stay. Towels will need to be replaced often so you should have 8-10 towels on hand for every bedroom of your rental. 

How often should you replace your Airbnb towels?

Shower towels: it’s best to replace shower towels every 3-6 months to ensure they maintain their softness. Additionally, any stained or damaged towels should be replaced. 

Hand towels: Hand towels can be replaced alongside the shower towels, or even more often. Hand towels are smaller so they go through their lifecycle a bit quicker. Tip: buy hand towels in bulk to easily replace them when needed.

Make-up removal towels: Some guests may forget about the provided make-up removal towels and use your luxurious white bath towels to wipe off their make-up. Consider placing a gracious and tasteful sign in the bathroom to use the specified make-up removal towels in the bathroom, or provide disposable make-up removal wipes. Otherwise, you may go through shower towels quite a bit faster than you would like. 

Kitchen towels: Replace them as they get stained and damaged. 

Beach towels: In a private home, beach towels are meant to last 1-2 years. As a host, it’s best to replace them at least once a year to keep them fresh for the upcoming year’s guests.

Use your best judgment when replacing towels. If there is a question, it’s better to replace and ensure your guest will be pleased with their experience. 

Person waking up in white bedsheets

Quick Look: Best Airbnb Sheets & Towels:

Tips for having the best Airbnb sheets:

  • Consider higher thread counts
  • Decide if flat sheets or fitted sheets are right for you
  • Choose white sheets and bleach during every wash
  • Have 2-3 sets of sheets per bed
  • Replace linens at least every 6-12 months
  • Use a lint roller after making the bed
  • Use what we believe are the all around best Airbnb sheets, or the best luxury Airbnb sheets. 

Tips for having the best Airbnb towels:

  • White towels for easy bleaching. 
  • Leave 2 complete sets of towels per bedroom. 
  • Replace shower and hand towels every 3-6 months
  • Replace kitchen towels as they get stained
  • Replace beach towels at least once a year
  • Use our favorite Airbnb towels:

In conclusion, it is essential to always leave clean, bright sheets and towels in your short term rental. The Airbnb bedding and towels are a vital element of the guest experience. Their perception of comfort and cleanliness will play a big role in your host rating. Be an Airbnb superhost  – and stay on top of the game with your Airbnb sheet and towel quality!

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