iGMS vs Host Tools

Are you wondering how Host Tools compares to other vacation rental software like iGMS? You’ve come to the right place!

If your daily routine looks like this:

  • Update your calendars on all your channels one by one
  • Type out replies to every guest query you received
  • Schedule cleanings and text your cleaners
  • Adjust your rates separately on every channel

There’s a good chance you’re not making the most of your time. Luckily, there are tools that can help you automate all these tasks!

Host Tools provides an automated, unified calendar for short-term rental hosts, allowing you to seamlessly list on all major channels. Start your free trial today! 

Host Tools is an affordable, easy-to-use tool that can help you become a more efficient host from day one.

Host Tools helps you:

But how does it compare to other tools like iGMS?

We created this page to walk you through the differences between iGMS and Host Tools and help you decide which one works better for your business.

Let’s dive in!

The chart below compares Host Tools and iGMS to help you decide which tool fits your business needs. Read on to find out more

Host Tools vs iGMS: Pricing

Prices for services can change over time. You can visit their respective pricing pages to check the current pricing for iGMS or Host Tools. However, Host Tools is generally a more affordable option than iGMS if you're a host with only a few listings.

Considering all the features included in the pricing plan, it’s the best per month option that you can spend. Even if you only have one rental, Host Tools is still worth it because it allows you to fully automate your short-term rental business without cutting into your profits.

An example of what's included in our basic Messaging plan:

Host Tools vs iGMS: Channel Manager

Host Tools channel manager

The Host Tools channel manager is an indispensable tool for property managers who advertise on more than just one website. It allows you to sync your calendar across all the channels you list your rentals on. It’s the best way to prevent double bookings. 

Host Tools directly integrates with Airbnb and Vrbo through API connections. This means that your connection will always be stable and your availability will get updated instantly when you receive a booking on either channel. If you advertise on more channels besides Airbnb, Booking.com and Vrbo, Host Tools lets you import your calendars via iCal links so you can synchronize them too.

And that’s not all. Host Tools lets you manage all your accounts from one place, saving you tons of time. No more logging into different platforms separately. Host Tools comes with a unified inbox that lets you manage all your messages from one place, and a multi-calendar that gives you an overview of bookings across all channels. 

Example of Host Tools unified inbox for short term rental hosts listing
Example of Host Tools unified inbox for short term rental hosts

iGMS channel manager

The iGMS channel manager has API integrations with Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com. It also lets you import other calendars via iCal. This way, you can sync your availability and booking data across all your platforms. iGMS also comes with a unified inbox and a multi-calendar, so you can manage all your reservations from one place.

Host Tools vs iGMS: Features

Host Tools features

Host Tools has a variety of useful features for automating your vacation rental business. It’s an all-in-one tool for short-term rental hosts who want to save time, increase their efficiencies, and boost their profit.

The handiest features of Host Tools are:

  • Channel manager: connect your Airbnb and Vrbo accounts and sync your calendars automatically.
  • Unified inbox: manage all your guest messaging in one place.
  • Multi-calendar: see all your bookings in one easy-to-browse calendar.
  • Automated messages: send automated messages to your guests using message rules and message templates.
  • Automated reviews: automatically leave your guests 5-star reviews and ask for a review in return.
  • Cleaner management: manage your cleaning schedule in a hands-off way by sending automated messages to your cleaners.
  • Smart pricing tool: price your rentals using rule-based smart pricing so you never leave money on the table. 
  • Smart lock automation: automatically generate smart lock codes, get notified when guests use them and send automated messages to welcome guests the moment they check in.

iGMS features

iGMS has features that cover a lot of different areas of rental management. 

iGMS’s features include:

  • Accounting features
  • Channel manager
  • Unified inbox
  • Multi-calendar
  • Automated messaging
  • Automated reviews
  • Mobile app
  • Team management
  • Cleaning and task management
  • Financial reports
  • Payment processing
  • Smart lock support

Host Tools vs iGMS: Customer Service

Host Tools customer service

Whenever you start using a new tool, you should have access to fast and reliable customer service. 

I’m a property manager who also happens to be a software developer. I built Host Tools to help myself and others become more efficient hosts. And, I’m personally available to answer all your questions. 

I designed Host Tools so that you can take advantage of it from day one. There is no steep learning curve, and the moment you have any specific questions, I’m always there to support you. 

iGMS customer service

iGMS offers support service through email and chat. However, if you pick the Flexible pricing model, you may have to wait 48 hours before they get back to you. 

Host Tools provides an automated, unified calendar for short-term rental hosts, allowing you to seamlessly list on all major channels. Start your free trial today! 

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