Airbnb categories

If you're a host on Airbnb, you've probably heard about the new Airbnb Categories. But what are they, and how can you use them to your advantage?

In this article, we'll go over what Airbnb categories are, and why it's important for you, as a host, to pay attention to them.

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What are Airbnb Categories?

Airbnb Categories are a set of special categories created by Airbnb to help hosts better present their properties. These include everything from budget-friendly campers and vans to luxury villas and castles, giving guests more options when booking their stay.

By categorizing listings into clusters of houses that are distinct and stand out from the competition, Airbnb makes it easier for hosts to get noticed by potential guests.

The categories range from locations like Coastal, Lake, National Parks, Countryside, Tropical, Arctic, Desert, Islands, and more to activities-specific ones like Skiing, Surfing, Golfing, Camping, Wine tasting, and Scuba.

Lastly, there are home-related categories like Barns, Castles, Windmills, Houseboats, Cabins, and Caves, as well as Amazing properties that can't be found anywhere else.

Airbnb categories

Benefits of Utilizing Airbnb Categories

By paying attention to the types of accommodations that fall into each of these categories, you'll be able to determine which type best suits your own property and target market.

In other words, if you're a host who has a luxury villa in an exotic location, you can use the Airbnb Categories to help you stand out from the crowd and draw more attention with categories like "Luxe" or "Tropical".

Additionally, by taking advantage of the categories, you may be able to increase your nightly rates – depending on how much attention it gets.

Using Airbnb Categories, you can ensure that your property is appropriately categorized and presented to potential guests. This, in turn, increases the chances of your property being seen and booked by guests who are looking for what you are offering.

Airbnb categories

The Complete List of Airbnb Categories:

The following Airbnb categories are available for hosts to select from:

  1. A-frames

  2. Adapted

  3. Amazing pools

  4. Amazing views

  5. Arctic

  6. Barns

  7. Beach

  8. Beachfront

  9. Bed & breakfasts

  10. Boats

  11. Cabins

  12. Campers

  13. Camping

  14. Casas particulares

  15. Castles

  16. Caves

  17. Chef's kitchens

  18. Containers

  19. Countryside

  20. Creative spaces

  21. Cycladic homes

  22. Dammusos

  23. Desert

  24. Design

  25. Domes

  26. Earth homes

  27. Farms

  28. Golfing

  29. Grand pianos

  30. Hanoks

  31. Historical homes

  32. Houseboats

  33. Iconic cities

  34. Islands

  35. Kezhans

  36. Lake

  37. Lakefront

  38. Luxe

  39. Mansions

  40. Minsus

  41. National parks

  42. New

  43. Off-the-grid

  44. OMG!

  45. Play

  46. Private rooms

  47. Riads

  48. Ryokans

  49. Shared homes

  50. Shepherd's huts

  51. Ski-in/out

  52. Skiing

  53. Surfing

  54. Tiny homes

  55. Top of the World

  56. Towers

  57. Treehouses

  58. Trending

  59. Tropical

  60. Trulli

  61. Vineyards

  62. Windmills

  63. Yurts

*list based off of Airbnb’s latest update on November 16, 2022

Airbnb categories

How to Get Your Property Listed as an Airbnb Category

Listing your property under a category isn't as simple as hitting a button. Instead, it requires an acceptance process from Airbnb.

The process starts with applying to list your property in the category you think fits best. Then, a team of Airbnb agents will go through each application and review the listing against the criteria for that particular category.

This includes comparing it to the category definition, selecting an eye-popping image to represent the accommodation, and determining its quality level. After completing this manual review, Airbnb will approve or reject your listing based on the results.

Tips for Getting Accepted to Airbnb Categories

Choose the Right Category

Pick out the right Airbnb categories for your property. There are a lot of options, but try and narrow it down to what makes your property truly unique. 

Focus on Quality

Focus on providing guests with the best experience possible. This includes ensuring your property is well-maintained, making sure that all amenities are working correctly, and that your communication with guests is professional and timely. 

Create Engaging Descriptions

Lastly, it pays to invest in an eloquent and engaging property description. You want guests to be intrigued by the unique features of your listing, and make sure to highlight why they should book with you. Many categories rely on your rental location in relevance to  “Points of Interest”. If you’re categorizing yourself under “National Parks” or “Lakes” be sure this is covered in your description. 

 An excellent description will go a long way in helping draw more attention from potential guests – so make sure you craft it carefully.

Utilizing Airbnb Categories can effectively help your property stand out and draw more attention from potential guests. Applying for the right category and ensuring quality standards are met will increase your chances of getting accepted. Additionally, crafting a compelling description and highlighting the unique features of your listing will help in making it more attractive and increase your visibility on Airbnb. With the proper steps, you can tap into the power of Airbnb Categories and maximize your property's potential. 

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