Believe it or not, one of the best target audiences for your vacation rental may be senior travelers. Travelers ages 65+ are the most active seniors in the age group's history and are some of the highest income earners. So advertising your vacation rental to senior travelers can keep your calendar full for longer and earn you a healthy amount of extra revenue. This blog post will explain why you want to capture these travelers and the best techniques to advertise vacation rentals for seniors.

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Why Advertise Vacation Rentals for Seniors? 

Travelers aged 65 and older possess much of the available disposable income in the travel industry. On average, senior travelers look to take four to five vacations a year. Generally, these travelers look for longer stays in one place rather than hopping around.

As a host, guests looking for extended stays are an excellent way to keep your booking calendar full and minimize orphan days. Additionally, older guests tend to be less risky. As a host, you’re less likely to encounter senior travelers who use your home for an unauthorized party or significantly damage your property. With more income than ever, advertising to seniors can be great business strategy for a host. 

Tips for Advertising Your Vacation Rental to Senior Travelers

Location, Location, Location

First and foremost, consider where your property is located. If you’re situated in a warm climate, you are in the ideal location for attracting seniors who like to escape the winter, known as “snowbirds.” So, in your Airbnb titles, highlight your home as a long-term winter getaway. 

Upsell for Shoulder Season

Upselling is a great way to earn additional income from hosting, and senior travelers are the perfect demographic for taking advantage of luxurious extras.

For example, seniors tend to be less tech-savvy than younger travelers with apps like Google Maps. Including add-on airport transfers with your listing is a significant way to attract traveling seniors looking for a convenient way to reach their destination

. Or, if you want to entice seniors to arrive in your shoulder seasons, offering transfers as a complimentary service on specific dates is a great way to capture a few days of extra bookings. 

Promote Local Activities 

Today's seniors are the most active generation of 65+ folks ever to exist. Many seniors report working out five days a week. These travelers are looking for active things to do.

Consider offering a complimentary tour or activity to attract guests. In both your listing and house manual, note local hiking trails, museums, concert halls, etc. Include references to senior discounts. While these folks may have more disposable income than others, they are still frugal in how they spend their money.

Promote the Home’s Accessibility 

Some senior travelers may need to know the accessibility of a home ahead of time. Some older folks have difficulties walking, and must know if an elevator is on the property and if easy parking is available.

Seniors are no exception to the trend of vacations feeling like a "home away from home" and want to know if grocery stores, urgent care, pharmacies, etc., are nearby. Providing this information upfront in your listing will attract guests looking to have as much information as possible about their destination. 

Advertise on Facebook

The social media platform of choice for senior travelers is Facebook.  Run ads for your home on Facebook, and include as many details about the listing as possible. 

Discounts & Bundled Fees

Senior travelers, particularly snowbirds, tend to return to beloved vacation spots every year. Consider offering a discount to returning guests. A deal can increase their review of your property and likely lead to word-of-mouth marketing. 

Ensure Your Vacation Rental is Sparkling Clean

It is always vital that your vacation rental be spotless. However, with senior travelers, this is even more important. Ensure you have your cleaning schedule automated.

Host Tools can help with that by automatically texting your cleaners every time you get a new booking to tell them about the cleaning. Host Tools can also text your cleaners if there is a booking change or cancellation and will send reminder texts the day of the cleaning.

Senior travelers will not tolerate unclean properties, nor should they have to. 

Ultimately, senior travelers are among the best demographics for vacation rental hosts to secure. They have some of the most disposable income available and are looking for long-term stays.

Booking senior travelers is an excellent way to keep your calendar full and minimize unbooked nights. Remember to review these steps to help market your vacation rental to senior travelers, and you’ll be set up for success:

  • Promote your home’s location as a snowbird getaway

  • Upsell experiences to help book your shoulder-season

  • Promote local activities for seniors

  • Highlight the accessibility of the home

  • Advertise on Facebook

  • Offer discounts and bundle fees

  • Keep the home spotless.

Host Tools can automate many of your hosting tasks, so you have more time to focus on your advertising plan!

Host Tools provides an automated, unified calendar for short-term rental hosts, allowing you to seamlessly list on all major channels. Start your free trial today! 

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