ski house rentals

Ski house rentals offer an unbeatable combination of convenience, comfort, and luxury that can make winter holidays unforgettable. From cozy mountain cabins in the middle of nowhere to luxurious lodges equipped with all the modern amenities, hosting ski house rentals provides guests with a perfect backdrop to enjoy their winter getaway. 

If you're a short-term rental host, it's time to consider investing in ski house rentals as part of your next business strategy.

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Why Invest in Ski House Rentals as a Host?

Ski trips are notoriously expensive. As a result, there is a huge opportunity for short-term rental hosts to capitalize on this annual vacation getaway.

If you manage to impress and please guests with a ski house, there's a large chance that the same guests will continue to rebook your home as their go-to spot on their annual vacation.

This offers short-term rental hosts the chance to establish a strong base of returning customers, which can be invaluable when generating passive income over time.

Another great benefit of hosting ski house rentals is that they are typically rented out weekly or monthly, often for much more than the daily rate you'd get with other types of rentals. Plus, it keeps your calendar booked!

ski house rentals

Essential Amenities for Ski House Rentals

To ensure a five-star guest experience, ensure you provide all of these "must-have" ski house amenities:

Warm and cozy bedding:  Make your guests feel right at home with comfortable blankets, pillows, and warm bedding. After a long day on the slopes, a comfy bed will be a priority for guests.

Well-equipped kitchen for meal preparation: Ski weekends are not cheap, and many guests will opt to cook their meals rather than spend money on resort restaurants. Provide a fully stocked kitchen with all the essentials for meal preparation.

A hot tub: Outdoor hot tubs are also a popular amenity for ski house rentals, as they provide the perfect way to relax sore muscles after a day on the slopes. Nothing says "après ski" like a cold beer in a warm hot tub.

High-speed Wi-Fi and entertainment options: Since your home is likely tucked away in the woods, be sure to have a strong internet connection for streaming services.

Fireplace: Coming home to an indoor fireplace after a day in the snow is an absolute must. Whether you have a wood-burning fireplace or gas logs, provide all the necessary supplies for your guests to enjoy.

Board games: Larger groups tend to book ski houses, so having a few board games and other activities on hand will help to keep everyone entertained.

Heated floors: Keep your guests warm and cozy during their stay with heated bathroom and kitchen floors. Nothing says luxury like a warm floor!

Washer and dryer: Skiing and snowboarding result in wet clothes, be sure to offer your guests access to a washer and dryer.

Ski and snowboard storage: Provide a place for your guests to store their ski gear while not in use. A mudroom is a perfect location for storing wet and dirty gear and providing ample storage space for everyone's items.

ski house rentals

Choosing the Perfect Ski House Location

Purchasing a home to use for ski house rentals can be extremely lucrative. Keep the following in mind when browsing the market:

Proximity to ski resorts and slopes: There is a lot of competition in ski towns like Vail, Park City, and Whistler. Ensure your ski house is within a reasonable distance of the resort's slopes and amenities.

Accessibility to local amenities and attractions:  Guests that book ski house rentals tend to be looking for a fun and memorable vacation. Choose a home in an area with easy access to restaurants, bars, shops, and other attractions.

Scenic views and natural surroundings:  Ski house rentals in gorgeous mountain locations tend to book up quickly. Choose a property with beautiful views and access to natural areas like hiking trails, rivers, and lakes.

ski house rentals

Tips for Making Your Ski House Rentals Stand Out

Ski house rentals is an extremely competitive business; try a few of these ideas to capture even more attention on your listing:

Ski equipment rental: Providing access to ski and snowboard rentals can be a great way to attract more guests. Partner with local gear shops or even offer your own rentals for added convenience.

Snow removal services: It's important to make sure that the area around your home is safe and accessible by providing regular snow removal services.

Concierge services: Offer a variety of upsell concierge services to your guests, from grocery delivery and restaurant reservations to ski lessons and guided tours.

Welcome packages: Enhance the guest experience with a welcome basket that includes snacks, amenities, local guides, maps, and more.

Ski house rentals can be a lucrative business for those who understand their guests' needs. Make sure to choose a property with great views and close proximity to ski resorts and amenities while also providing all the amenities that one would expect from a luxury rental.

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