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When you think about hosting the perfect short-term rental, trash cans might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, choosing the right trash cans for your property can make a difference in maintaining cleanliness and impressing your guests. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best kitchen and bathroom trash cans for Airbnb hosts and provide some helpful garbage disposal tips to ensure your property stays spotless.

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Why Choosing the Right Airbnb Trash Can Matters

Your guests’ first impression can set the tone for their entire stay. A clean, well-organized space with stylish and functional trash cans can contribute to a positive experience. Thoughtful touches can leave a lasting impression, making guests more likely to leave positive reviews and return in the future.

Guests appreciate convenience and ease of use when it comes to amenities in their temporary homes. Providing well-placed, easy-to-use trash cans can help them keep the space tidy without any hassle. This enhances their experience and makes your job as a host easier when it’s time to clean up.

Properly chosen trash cans can help control odors, prevent messes and the need for extra deep cleaning, and ensure that waste is disposed of properly. This helps keep your property in top condition and ready for the next guest.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans for Airbnb Properties

Space can often be a challenge in the kitchen. Choosing a trash can with a space-saving design can help maximize your available space. Look for options with:

  • Slim profiles
  • Under-counter mounting
  • Dual compartments for recycling and waste separation

Additionally, a kitchen trash can must be durable to withstand frequent use and effective at controlling odors.

Top Picks with Pros and Cons

Here are some top kitchen trash can picks for Airbnb hosts:

Simplehuman Rectangular Dual Compartment Trash Can

  • Pros: Space-saving design, dual compartments for recycling
  • Cons: Higher price point


iTouchless 13 Gallon Trash Can

  • Pros: Automatic lid, odor control, durable
  • Cons: Requires batteries or AC adapter


Rubbermaid Step-On Wastebasket

  • Pros: Affordable, hands-free operation, durable plastic construction
  • Cons: Basic design, limited odor control, higher price point for design

Top Bathroom Trash Cans for Airbnb

A bathroom trash can should be both functional and complement the overall aesthetic of the space. For hosts, this means providing a trash can that is both practical and visually appealing to guests. We’ve compiled a short list of the top bathroom trash cans for Airbnb properties:

Simplehuman 4.5 Liter Round Step Trash Can

    • Pros: Compact size, fingerprint-proof finish, quiet lid close
    • Cons: Small capacity, higher price for a small can


Umbra Mini Waste Can

    • Pros: Affordable, sleek design, perfect for small spaces
    • Cons: No sealing lid, limited odor control


mDesign Slim Plastic Trash Can

    • Pros: Slim design fits in narrow spaces, affordable, durable plastic
    • Cons: No lid, basic design

Garbage Disposal Tips for Hosts

Proper garbage disposal is needed to maintain a clean and pleasant environment in your short-term rental. Here are some essential garbage disposal tips for hosts:

Proper separation of recyclables and waste

Encouraging guests to separate recyclables from regular waste can help reduce the environmental impact of your vacation rental. Clearly label trash cans and provide separate containers for recyclables. Include a list of recyclable materials to avoid confusion. Also, be sure to have extra trash bags on hand for guests.

Schedule for trash removal and recycling

Establishing a regular schedule for trash disposal and recycling can help keep your property clean and organized. Make sure to communicate this schedule to your guests, so they know when and where to dispose of their waste. Providing clear instructions in your house manual or house rules can prevent overflow and ensure timely removal.

Of course, you could include trash removal as part of the standard cleaning fees that come with a cleaning team. However, if guests have booked a long-term stay, letting them know the trash removal schedule will be necessary.

Eco-friendly practices for waste management

Implementing eco-friendly practices can enhance your property’s appeal and contribute to a sustainable future. Consider using biodegradable garbage bags, recycling whenever possible, and promoting the use of reusable items. Providing guests with information on local recycling programs can also encourage responsible waste disposal.

Final Thoughts on Airbnb Garbage Removal

By choosing the right waste bins for your kitchen and bathroom, you will improve the guest experience and simplify your cleanup process. Remember to provide clear instructions for what is included in your cleaning fee and important info for waste separation and disposal, and consider implementing eco-friendly practices to improve your property’s appeal even further.

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