Airbnb advanced search

As a good short-term rental host, you know that understanding search optimization is key. Your guests are looking for the perfect place to stay and will use the Airbnb search engine to find it. That's why ensuring you understand all the nooks and crannies of Airbnb's advanced search tool is important.

In this guide, we'll show you how to unlock the power of Airbnb's advanced search and help your guests find exactly what they're looking for – which is your property!

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What is Airbnb Advanced Search?

Airbnb's advanced search options are a set of filters that allow you to narrow down the results when searching for properties. You can use these filters to find properties based on price, location, types of amenities, and more. It's also possible to save your searches so that you can quickly access them at any time.

Airbnb advanced search

Understanding the Airbnb Advanced Search Features

Advanced search options provide several useful features that you can use to make your property even more attractive to potential guests.

These special filters include:

Price filter

The price filter allows guests to select a minimum and the maximum nightly rate they are willing to pay for a stay.

Location filter

The location filter allows you to specify the exact area where your property is located. This feature can be used to help guests find properties that are close to their desired destinations and landmarks.

Property type

A honeymooning couple and a large group family reunion aren't going to be looking for the same place. The property type filter lets you specify what kind of accommodation guests will find at your property – such as an entire house, apartment, guest house, or even a private room.


You can use the amenities filter to highlight any special features or services you offer, such as Wi-Fi, a swimming pool,washing machine, or a full kitchen. 

Number of guests

The number of guests filter lets you specify the maximum number of people your property accommodates. This is an important feature, as it helps potential guests determine whether your property suits their needs.

Instant Book

The instant book feature allows guests to book your property directly without waiting for you to approve the booking. This is great for hosts who don't have time to check each request individually.

Airbnb advanced search

The Importance of Your Airbnb Host Profile

While guests cannot look up an Airbnb host directly within the Airbnb search, a keen eye can find hosts through other listings or a simple Google search. All they need is the host's name and, if available, the specific area or location where the host operates their business.

When researching their potential Airbnb host, these are the things guests will look at:

Your Airbnb host profile

Your profile should include a profile picture, a brief description of yourself, and your hosting style. This information gives guests an idea of what to expect from their host, such as whether you are outgoing or prefer to give guests their space.

Even seeing a friendly and welcoming host profile picture can give potential guests peace of mind when booking.

Superhost status

When guests look for properties on Airbnb, they're likely to lean towards Superhosts. Being a Superhost indicates your commitment to providing excellent hospitality, and it gives potential guests confidence that you are a reliable host who puts their needs first.

Reviews from previous guests

5-star reviews are the lifeblood of success in the short-term rental industry. When guests are looking for properties on Airbnb, they will look at the reviews from previous guests. Reviews give potential guests an insight into what it's like to stay at your property and whether or not you provide a great hospitality experience.

View a host's response time.

Guests want to know that their host is easily accessible. Therefore, they prefer hosts that respond quickly and politely to their messages. Some guests even use the response time to determine if they will book a property.

To improve your response time, integrate your Airbnb account with Host Tools so that you can automate almost all of your guest communication.

10 Quick Tips for Optimizing Your Property for Airbnb Advanced Search

By using the filters in advanced search, you can make sure that your property stands out from the competition and attracts more bookings. Here are some quick tips to help optimize your property:

  1. Include detailed information about the amenities and services you offer.

  2. Make sure that photos of your listing are high-quality and accurately depict your property.

  3. Aim to become a Superhost.

  4. Ask your previous guests to leave you positive reviews and feedback.

  5. Respond quickly to messages from potential guests.

  6. Use Host Tools to automate communication tasks like booking confirmations or check-in instructions.

  7. Highlight unique features of your property and location, such as nearby attractions or activities.

  8. Make sure your profile information is up-to-date and accurate. Include all the important details about your property in the listing, such as sleeping arrangements or restrictions.

  9. Consider offering discounts or special packages for long-term stays.

  10. Keep your calendar up-to-date to avoid double bookings.

The advanced search tool is essential for hosts to stand out from the competition and attract more bookings. By understanding how guests use this feature to find properties and optimizing your property accordingly, you can ensure that your listing stands out and receives more positive reviews. 

Additionally, becoming a Superhost and responding quickly to messages from potential guests can be a great way to show guests that you are reliable and committed to providing excellent hospitality. With the right strategies, you can make sure more people see your property and start generating more bookings for your business.

Host Tools provides an automated, unified calendar for short-term rental hosts, allowing you to seamlessly list on all major channels. Start your free trial today! 

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