With millions of properties listed on Airbnb, being a superhost is no longer enough to make your property stand out. In addition to strong Airbnb titles and fantastic guest reviews, your property's interior design needs to look incredible in your listing's photography.

A short-term rental should be stylish, but not too personally unique. We've put together the ten best Airbnb interior design tips to help your property look its best and secure you more bookings

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Accentuate areas of light

Natural light is one of the easiest enhancements a home can have – and it’s free! Natural light makes all spaces feel larger. Keep windows free from being blocked by furniture, and use the light as part of the home's design.  

Add local touches

While you want your interior design to appeal to a wide array of guests, guests frequently appreciate added personal touches. Add art from local artists or a photo book of your own adventures. This is an experience you can't get anywhere else. 

Add a splash of color

Adding a splash of color with a decorative pillow on the couch or bed will capture interest. Be sure to use white sheets on beds, and add color with throw pillows or unique works of art.

Avoid clutter

If you have ever heard of Marie Kondo, you know you should minimize clutter in your life! Like natural light, removing clutter from your home makes the space feel larger. Plus, it makes room for your guest's belongings.

Decorate with mirrors

It's a not-so-secret design secret that hanging mirrors create a feeling of space. As a result, mirrors look great in all homes and easily trick the eye’s perception of space.

Decorate with plants

Plants are a unique way to decorate your Airbnb. They have been particularly trendy in recent years and naturally bring calm to the space. It is entirely acceptable to ask your guest to water your plants either in your house manual or in your automated welcome message. Perhaps provide them with a welcome basket if you make this request! 

Design for your target audience

From the beginning of your short-term rental business, you should identify who you are catering your Airbnb too. If you are hoping to host business travelers, highlight its work from home capabilities like a desk or office space. Suppose couples are your target audience, highlight luxurious sheets, romantic lighting, or a cozy nook for two on the deck. 

Invest in high-quality furniture

When furnishing your short-term rental, you will need to craft a balance of the essentials and stylish decor carefully. Look for pieces that are easy to clean, photograph well, and are safe. There is no need to run your wallet dry on furniture, but they need to be attractive. Consider finding furniture at IKEA, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or an estate sale. 

Keep in mind your property location

Is your property a skiers paradise? Style your Airbnb cabin with rustic charm to match the surrounding mountains. A beach theme would seem out of place here! In short, make sure that the theme of your Airbnb matches where the property is located. 

Note: If your property is in a particularly saturated market like Fresno, CA or Jacksonville, FL, it is okay to consider a themed property. A themed property can be a marketing tool to attract guests looking for something new and different. That being said, the theme should still be relevant to the property’s location. 

See what is working for other short-term rentals

An excellent technique for evaluating how you are doing as a host is to check out your competition. For example, look at highly rated properties on Airbnb, VRBO or Booking.com in your area and look at their photography. See how successful short-term rentals are using interior design in your local market, and see what you can incorporate into your rental. 

Creating an interior design for your Airbnb can be a lot of fun as a host. With a few basic steps, your short-term rental will look fabulous and appeal to a wide array of guests. Remember these top ten Airbnb interior design tips, and your property will be booked solid:

  • Accentuate areas of light

  • Add local touches

  • Add a splash of color

  • Avoid clutter

  • Decorate with mirrors

  • Decorate with plants

  • Identify your target audience 

  • Invest in high-quality furniture

  • Keep in mind your target audience

  • See what is working for other short-term rentals

Host Tools provides an automated, unified calendar for short-term rental hosts, allowing you to seamlessly list on all major channels. Start your free trial today! 

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